Bartleby provides reference books, fiction books, and nonfiction books for free. You can browse the famous illustrations in Grey’s Anatomy, or learn about proper grammar in Strunk’s Elements of Style. This is a great way to access thousands of well-known and reliable resources quickly and easily. Since the information is all online, you can easily search the text for specific parts.


International Women’s Day & Women’s History Month

Today is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, and March is Women’s History Month. For some great background and resources, check out the official International Women’s Day website. There are fact sheets, photos, and information about events happening all over the world.




Thanks to Kevin Brodeur for pointing out this fantastic art tool. PsykoPaint allows you to upload your own images, and then using brush tools, alter them in the style of a famous artist. The results are stunning!

I’ve found that, sometimes, the PsykoPaint site won’t open. Just like with Google Body, this one works best with the Google Chrome browser, rather than Firefox or Safari.

Jason Live! From the Jason Science Project

Jason Live! offers free live events featuring real marine scientists and experts in an interactive webinar. Meet researchers and learn about their work, and participate in the presentation by asking questions. Coming up next week on March 8th, you can meet Greg Marshall and learn about his crittercam, a camera that he and his team have attached to various wild animals for an animals’-eye-view of the world.

There is also an archive of past events, where you can watch the discussion as it happened. Past presenters include a deep ocean researcher, a penguin trainer, an underwater shark cinematographer, and even Dr. Robert Ballard!



Seussville’s Read Across America Resources

If you’re looking for some last-minute resources for Dr. Seuss’s birthday, or Read Across America Day, just go to Seussville! There are all kinds of printable activities, like a word find, a maze, and even a Dr. Seuss themed game of telephone called Seussaphone.

Update: It seems as though the server for Seussville is having some problems. It’s possible that it can’t handle today’s pre-birthday site traffic.


Google Crisis Response

Google Crisis Response aggregates valuable research tools and resources that can help in response efforts after major disasters. Their most recent effort is in response to the New Zealand earthquake, and features Google Person Finder, incident reporting, phone numbers to emergency assistance and local officials, and Google Earth maps with the latest data. This is a really fascinating way to keep on top of current events, and to watch how a natural disaster unfolds.


If you’re a Google Earth fan, you can also find additional maps to download and view in Google Earth. These maps include interactive time-lapse animations, trajectories, and aerial photographs of each disaster.

You can also view their coverage of previous disasters. Check out their coverage of the DeepWater Horizon oil spill, or the Australian floods.