How Will Google’s New Privacy Policy Affect You?

You may or may not be aware that Google recently unveiled a new privacy policy, one that covers all of its products (one policy to rule them all…) There’s quite a bit of confusion about what exactly this change in policy means, how it affects searching, and whether it’s worth it to continue using Google products. If you are a user of Google (Gmail, YouTube, Android devices, and any number of other Google-owned products), it’s important that you know about these changes, and what they mean. It is especially important as many people begin to migrate their personal (and professional) data to Google.

One of my favorite tech blogs, Gizmodo, provides an excellent explanation. It covers the big questions (how does the privacy policy affect searching and ad targeting, what information does Google collect, what is the impact on Android) in a really balanced way. It is not exactly impartial; the author, Brent Rose, makes clear which features make him uncomfortable. However his analysis of the impact of this change is pretty well-balanced, and representative of the general tech-world opinion.


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