Trapped! Punctuation!

This fun game from BBC Bitesize is a great way to practice punctuation. More than a simple flash game, Trapped! actually has a plot, and characters; each punctuation mark you place correctly helps to save you from the Tower. If you have a little extra time at the end of English, and want to have your students enjoy some Halloween-themed punctuation fun, give it a try. It’s appropriate for all ages, though the punctuation knowledge required is at least 2nd grade level.



I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it seems like every free, easy-to-use image editor has gone under. First, it was Picnick, now Aviary. I think I should stop posting about them, because as soon as I do a writeup, they go away. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Pixlr is here to stay!

Pixlr is a simple, web-based photo editor that allows you to add cool filters, frames, and effects to your pictures and photos. Using their free Open Pixlr Express, I was able to turn this familiar photo of Crocker:


into a cool, vintage-looking one (complete with coffee stain):


It’s a pretty fun tool to play around with.