Read This: Google Docs Add-ons

Tomorrow’s Technophiles meeting will feature a tutorial on all the great extra features you can add to your Google Docs using add-ons. In preparation, check out this excellent article from Richard Byrne over at Free Technology For Teachers.

What Tech Am I Using Today? Stormboard

Another day, another fun new tool to make my life a bit easier. Today, I’m exploring Stormboard.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.26.15 AM

This is where you can select new things to post onto your board.

Stormboard is meant to allow folks to collaborate on project planning, and features a giant white canvas onto which each team member may post digital “sticky notes.” These notes can be moved around and even connected, and team members may comment on the ideas posted thereon.¬† Continue reading

Prodigy Math Game

There are lots of online math games out there. Some of them are kinda fun, some of them are pretty boring. Prodigy is not like those games.

A screenshot from Prodigy.

A screenshot from Prodigy.

Created to be like the sweeping fantasy games that are popular among gamers, Prodigy is a math game that allows users to customize an avatar, pick up new abilities and spells, and make their way through new realms. It is also Common Core aligned, and automatically adjusts to each student’s skill level.¬†Teachers can set up accounts for their students that allow them to track progress.

The folks at Prodigy believe that their product should be available for all, so most of the game is completely free. You can upgrade to a membership, but it is not necessary to advance in the game, and the reports and tracking features that are so great for teachers are also free.