Twitter & Tech for Election Coverage

For those of you on Twitter, the hottest trending topic  during and following the Presidential Debates was fact-checking.  If you aren’t yet on Twitter, we have good news! In the next few weeks there will be 2-3 Technophiles meetings to discuss Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media platforms. We will focus on using social media for your school endeavors, but Mike and I are also happy to share some of the ways we use social media outside of work.

(Just a reminder: Teaching Tolerance has dedicated a section of their website to covering the 2016 Election.  The tab “Election Sites” a lot of helpful sites and activity suggestions.)

As a preview for everyone who is going to learn about Twitter at one of our Technophiles meetings, Mike wants to share some alternative apps to use for Twitter. One of the best ways to use Twitter is on your mobile device. It allows you to do quick check-ins on your Twitter feed to see what is going on and do spontaneous tweeting, including pictures. This article reviews a few different apps you may want to check out.

If you are doing research on your computer or searching and monitoring twitter feeds or hashtags, Mike likes the Tweetdeck web app. Be careful though, it can be a little overwhelming for the novice tweeter. Here is a link for the brave.

Thanks & happy Tweeting!



Renweb App & CSQ Databases


image-1Did you know you can take your morning attendance or look up student information, including a picture if you want to see what a student looks like, all without using your computer? If you have a smart phone or a tablet, there is an app for that! RenWeb has an app called “RenWeb Staff” (not “RenWeb Home” or ”RenWeb Alert”). Just go to your app store, download it and login with your usual RenWeb credentials and there you have it.

Cavendish Square Digital Databases

exploringancientcivilizationsCavendish has been a solid publisher of nonfiction
titles for years. Our library is full of their social studies materials and we are adding to our science and math titles this year. Like many publishers, they are moving much of their content online. After testing the waters last year, we have purchased access to two of their databases, Exploring Ancient Civilizations and Exploring the Middle Ages. Login for these resources is “applewild” and the password is “research”.

Who might want to use these?

  • Social Studies:
    • 6th Grade Middle Ages reports
    • 5th Grade work on Ancient Civilizations
  • Science
    • Scientific discoveries from ancient times
  • Foreign Language
    • 5th grade biographies
    • Latin projects
  • English/ELL
    • Anna of Byzantium context
    • Translation services make it a great tool for ELL students

Please explore and I’ll offer a guided tour and some tips at a Technophiles meeting soon. As always, if you need help sooner, please just ask.