Are you thinking of flipping your classroom or using blended learning? Here is a great tool to help you add some videos with built in assessment to your lessons.

EDpuzzle is a free website that will let you take either videos you make yourself or videos you find on the internet and edit them to just the parts you want and add some assessment questions to make sure the students are watching and understanding them.

Here is a link to a great review of the website. http://www.edudemic.com/edpuzzle-review-easy-use-tool-lets-teachers-quickly-turn-online-video-lessons/

Check out the review or come to one of the next Technophiles meetings when Mike and Molly will demo it for you.


Google Keep

For the 2016-2017 school year I decided to screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-3-12-38-pmtry to dump my paper planner (which didn’t work perfectly for a school environment) and go 100% digital. I looked at many digital options for organizing all the threads that comprise the fabric of my personal, family, and Applewild lives. After a little over a month, the experiment was not 100% successful. I write this Tech Tuesday blog sitting next to a paper planner that has gathered and secured all the messy loose ends of my life together. However, one digital tool (suggested by Mike) that I am still using and enjoying is Google Keep.

I think of Google Keep as a collection of virtual, enhanced post-it notes. I use Keep mainly for two purposes: daily, to-do checklist list & weekly menu planning (see post image). Some of the features worth noting are:

  • You can create checklists with scheduled reminders
  • Organize your notes with colors or labels
  • Search all notes by keyword, label or color
  • Share a note with a colleague or student
  • Add images or links
  • If the note grows into a bigger project, it is easy to copy it as a Google Doc to your Google Drive.

Learn more by checking out this YouTube Video or by browsing around the Google Keep Help Page.



Google Forms Auto-Correcting Quizzes


Let’s simplify assessment!

Do you give your students multiple choice quizzes? If you do then you need to check out the latest update to Google Forms. They added an auto-correcting quiz feature.

If you haven’t used Google Forms yet, it is a Google Tool you can use to collect information. You create the form by typing in the questions and if it is multiple choice, you type in the potential answers. Then students fill out the form online. Their responses are collected and organized in a spreadsheet so you can analyze the results.

You can turn any quiz into an auto-correcting Google Form. Just tell the form what the correct answers are and when the students take the quiz, it will be corrected for you. You can choose to have the student’s score pop up right away or you can deliver that information yourself.

Try it out and let me know what you think!!