mr-teddys-picnicGoogle Docs is a wonderful, collaborative tool for creating text documents. There are ways to add images and other graphic design elements, but it remains limited for creating really attractive visual images. If you have a project you want to take to the next level of design, you may want to try Lucidpress.

This user-friendly desktop publishing software is great for making posters, fliers, newsletters, and social media posts. It has a wealth of templates, even a whole section dedicated to educators (reading logs, exit tickets, KWL chart templates).

Using your Applewild Google ID, you have free access to a full-featured version of this program. Check it out at

The Teddy Bear Picnic postcard was quick and easy to create. Lucidpress was also used to create the 6th Grade Art Exhibit brochure. If you want to see that or other examples, just reach out to Mike or Molly.