Changes to Gmail

There is going to be an update to the Google mail (GMail) interface. Not to worry, it is not a drastic redesign so you will be able to use it like you always have. It will look a little different and have some added functionality. As of now it is optional, so you can

continue to use the existing interface. If you would like to try using the new interface, there is an option for that. Eventually, Google will make the new interface standard for everyone.

Some nice new features include, quick access to your calendar, as well as Google Keep and a Tasks or To-Do app from a right side toolbar, quicker access to archiving or deleting messages, and a new “Snooze” feature. There are some other features as well and here is a short article from Google highlighting those changes.
new mail shot
If you are interested in trying out the new interface, you can enable it by going to the gear in the upper right corner of GMail and selecting “Try the new Mail”.
If you are interested in learning more about some of these changes, please let me know.

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