Quick Mail & Calendar Tips

Google has made some changes to Mail and Calendar that we thought might be helpful. Check out this quick video (1:30 minutes) to learn more.

Why did we do a video this time? Molly is practicing using Screencastify so she can create screen captured videos for students.

If you want more help using Google tools, or want to try a screencast video, please let us know!


Changes to Gmail

There is going to be an update to the Google mail (GMail) interface. Not to worry, it is not a drastic redesign so you will be able to use it like you always have. It will look a little different and have some added functionality. As of now it is optional, so you can

continue to use the existing interface. If you would like to try using the new interface, there is an option for that. Eventually, Google will make the new interface standard for everyone.

Some nice new features include, quick access to your calendar, as well as Google Keep and a Tasks or To-Do app from a right side toolbar, quicker access to archiving or deleting messages, and a new “Snooze” feature. There are some other features as well and here is a short article from Google highlighting those changes. https://www.blog.google/products/gmail/stay-composed-heres-quick-rundown-new-gmail/
new mail shot
If you are interested in trying out the new interface, you can enable it by going to the gear in the upper right corner of GMail and selecting “Try the new Applewild.org Mail”.
If you are interested in learning more about some of these changes, please let me know.



Have you been inspired to use random groupings of students and want an easy way to create various configurations of random groupings? If so, I have just the tool for you! Flippity, found on the websiteflippity.net is a web based app that ties to a Google spreadsheet. All you have to do is have your student list in a spreadsheet and with the click of a button, it can create all kinds of random groups for you. 

But there is more! The Random Groupings is just one of many tools on Flippity.net.  Other tools you can use with that same spreadsheet list include: flashcards, quiz show boards, BINGO cards, a Memory Game and Tournament Brackets.

Check out the website, flippity.net and get in touch with Mike if you want to learn to use it. We will do a live demo at the next Technophiles meeting.

Here is a link to one that I created today and a sample image below. Feel free to play around with the one I created today.


Make time to Doodle!

If you have trouble scheduling meetings with multiple people, this Tech Tuesday tip is for you.
Try scheduling your next meeting with Doodle. Doodle.com allows you to put together a list of possible meeting dates and times and allows each potential participant to indicate which times they are available. Find the overlap – and you have a meeting!   See the example below.
Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 1.47.58 PM

Google Classroom for Group Work

At the faculty meeting on Monday, Mike mentioned the option of using Google Classroom as a collaboration tool for each Core Competency group to use. Although designed for more of a teacher/student model, it can be adapted easily for the type of resource gathering, discussion and sharing we will be doing. Why try it?

  • Provides a central location for people to have ongoing discussions (without big, long email chains)
  • Fully integrates with our Google Drive documents
  • Can be easily shared with faculty in other groups as it makes sense

We wanted to give you a quick introduction to Classroom and invite you to explore this tool. Here are two options for learning more:

  • The first 3:30 minutes of this video can give you a very quick introduction to Classroom. The rest of the video is helpful only if you are interested in launching Classroom for your students.
  • If you want to see a Google Classroom in action, please feel free to explore the Google Classroom Tutorial we created. To access it:

1. Make sure you are logged into your Applewild Google account

2. Go to classroom.google.com

3. To join a Classroom, find and click the “+” sign toward the top right of your screen

4. Enter the Class code: vxvmcj

As always, Mike and Molly are both here to help you explore this resource.