Anatomy Arcade

I love it when educational games are actually fun. On Anatomy Arcade, you can play Poke-A-Muscle or Whack-A-Bone to learn all about where to find the gastrocnemius or the phalanges, respectively. You will have to sit through a quick ad before the game launches, and much of the anatomy in the Anatomy Arcade is pretty advanced, and designed to review rather than teach. However, what better way to really learn and remember than by playing a game? I especially enjoyed Cell Craft, a long and detailed game that teaches all about the inner workings and anatomy of both plant and animal cells.


Bartleby provides reference books, fiction books, and nonfiction books for free. You can browse the famous illustrations in Grey’s Anatomy, or learn about proper grammar in Strunk’s Elements of Style. This is a great way to access thousands of well-known and reliable resources quickly and easily. Since the information is all online, you can easily search the text for specific parts.


Google Body

This amazing anatomy tool is a 3D model of the human body. The website says it best: “You can peel back anatomical layers, zoom in, click to identify anatomy, or search for muscles, organs, bones and more. You can also share the exact scene you are viewing by copying and pasting the URL.” Unfortunately, you can’t view it in Safari—you need either Google’s Chrome browser, or the latest Firefox beta version (both of these are available for download at the link).