Best of the Best: Lists for the End of 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.23.19 AM

‘Tis the season for “Best of” lists, so I thought I’d pull together a few of the very best.

Best Books

School Library Journal has a great slideshow of their Best Books 2014, separated into useful categories. I use SLJ all year round to help me select the very best books to add to the library, and this list is truly the cream of the crop. The slideshow format is great, since you get to see the cover of each book, which (despite the famous aphorism) really helps to give you an idea of the book. Continue reading


Headspace and Smiling Mind: Meditation Apps for the Modern Age

smiling mind

Life can get pretty hectic (as you can tell, since it’s been over a month since I last posted!). One way I’ve recently learned to deal with the constant curveballs life throws my way is through daily meditation. Simply taking five to ten minutes to still my mind and breathe makes a noticeable difference in my overall demeanor and attitude. Continue reading

Discussion: Calendar Apps


Sunrise and Cal side by side

I think everyone I know has struggled with finding a calendar app that works for them. I have calendars from so many different places (personal, work, Gmail, iCloud), and I need an app that integrates them all in a way that is easy to view and simple to use. Currently, I use Cal (by the folks who created Any.Do), but I’m also testing another app, Sunrise.

What app are you using? Pros? Cons? What are the most important features of a calendar app?


If you bookmark one site I recommend all year, let this be the one. Seriously.


You all know by now how much I rely on CommonSense Media. I use their reviews to help me purchase books, I use their curriculum to teach digital citizenship, and now, I use Graphite. Created in collaboration with the Bill Gates Foundation, CommonSense Media created Graphite to be a resource for teachers who are trying to find the best websites and apps to use in the classroom. It’s visually attractive, and easy to search by subject, grade, price, or platform (app, PC Game, website). The site is like mine, only way, way better! There’s tons of content to explore, including a blog with great ed tech ideas. You can also create “boards,” or collections of apps you use or want to use, and add your own “field notes” based on your experiences.

The EduBlog Awards

If you are curious about the latest and greatest in education blogs, look no further than the recently-announced winners in the EduBlog Awards. This is a comprehensive list of the best of the best, in categories like Best Teacher Blog, Best Free Web Tool, Best Open PD/Webinar Series, and Best Educational Wiki. It’s a great place to find resources and inspiration!