19 Pencils

Here’s a great pick from AASL’s “Best Websites for Teaching and Learning 2014” list. 19 Pencils is a one-stop lesson plan organizer, where teachers can find great lesson plans, save the ones they like, add their own lesson plans, and provide easy access of classroom resources to students. Phew!

19 Pencils features

Once you sign up, you have a Teacher Dashboard where you can save all of your lesson plans, add new ones, and save the online resources that go along with the lessons (all those links that you keep in your bookmarks folder!). Create a Class Page, and upload the resource to it with one click to share it with your students.

Class pages

If you want to spring for the premium version, you can also create quizzes and educational games (like word searches) and track student progress.

Welcome back! and Google Bookmarks

Aaaaand we’re back! You’ll see some changes to the blog this year, including an addition of “Vocab of the Week” posts. Today’s topic is Google Bookmarks.

If you’re anything like me, you love collecting useful websites for future use by bookmarking them in your browser. However, browser bookmarks are stored locally, meaning that if you were to go to a different computer and open the browser, your bookmarks wouldn’t be there. Thankfully, The Cloud provides an excellent solution to this. By using a service like Google Bookmarks, you can take your bookmarks with you.

Google Bookmarks works the same way the rest of their fantastic products work: information is stored on remote servers (“The Cloud”) rather than on your actual computer. When you sign in to your Google account from any computer, you can call up all of your bookmarks.

The service is also an excellent way to get your bookmarks organized, as Google Bookmarks allows you to make lists and annotate each bookmark. You can also share bookmarks with other users, and make your list public.

To learn more about setting up an account, importing your bookmarks from your browser, and using Google Bookmarks, come to the next meeting of the Technophiles!