What Tech Am I Using Today? Stormboard

Another day, another fun new tool to make my life a bit easier. Today, I’m exploring Stormboard.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.26.15 AM

This is where you can select new things to post onto your board.

Stormboard is meant to allow folks to collaborate on project planning, and features a giant white canvas onto which each team member may post digital “sticky notes.” These notes can be moved around and even connected, and team members may comment on the ideas posted thereon.  Continue reading


Here’s another great website for organizing. Rather than messing around with bookmarks, PowerPoints, and printed papers, LiveBinders allows you to gather websites and other resources in one place, and arrange and categorize them. Just like a print binder, LiveBinders have tabs and room for annotations. Beyond the organizational factor, LiveBinders also offers a community. You can view and even copy other people’s binders for your own use– check out this LiveBinder of 6th grade math word problems. Registration is required, but free.