Read This: Google Docs Add-ons

Tomorrow’s Technophiles meeting will feature a tutorial on all the great extra features you can add to your Google Docs using add-ons. In preparation, check out this excellent article from Richard Byrne over at Free Technology For Teachers.


Technophiles Unite!

Applewild’s new technology group will begin meeting next week, tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 21st. If you’re interested in technology, would like to learn more about computers and digital tools, or are just bored, it promises to be a fun and exciting time.

On this meeting’s agenda:

  • Learn all about cloud bookmarking with Google Bookmarks
  • Using First Class to help filter out unwanted emails
  • Discussion and question/answer time
At our last meeting (during our prep week in August), we had a fascinating, impromptu lesson on using rulers and tabs in Word to format text in a document. That may sound…less than thrilling, but believe it or not, it was fascinating to see the kinds of shortcuts that are possible (did you know that you can set a document to align a column of numbers by their decimal point?!).
Don’t miss out!