This is a fabulous resource for both sides to any major argument. ProCon breaks down several issues (everything from social networks to alternative energy) into pro vs. con, and provides great background as well. It’s really easy to navigate and use, and it does a great job of showing the arguments side by side.


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

This cool site created by Utah State University has tons of math games and manipulatives organized by grade level and math subject area. You can play with a digital geo board, or try your hand at the “Circle 21” game. There’s a lot to do and look at here.


Time Toast

A few weeks ago, I told you about OurStory, a site where you can create an online timeline. Well, since it’s nice to have choices sometimes, Time Toast is another such program. This one is a bit more streamlined (no social networking going on here, just timelines!). The timelines you create are attractive and simple, and you can click on an event to expand it.



Ever wanted to tweak a photo, but have no idea how to use Photoshop? Try Picnik! It’s a free web-based application that requires NO sign-in (woo-hoo!). The basic version has some pretty great features: sharpen, crop, rotate, red-eye correction, and exposure. The interface is very simple and easy to use. Using the “Create” tab, you can add borders, stickers, and text, though many of the more fun features are available only for “premium” users (ie, those who pay for a subscription). If you just want the basics, without downloading any software, Picnik is great.


Facebook Privacy: 10 Settings Every User Should Know

I know that Facebook privacy is a concern among faculty and staff, and it’s difficult to keep up with when Facebook changes so frequently. This is an excellent article filled with some of the latest tips to help you ensure that your Facebook is private. It includes screenshots, so you can see exactly what each step is referring to. This is a really valuable primer, not just for how to lock down your profile, but to help you understand how Facebook’s settings work, too.

Reading Rockets: Valentine’s Day

Reading Rockets is a great site, chock full of resources for readers and struggling readers. Plus, they have a wonderful section of crafts, writing prompts, and activities just for Valentine’s Day! Learn about new poetry forms by writing Valentine’s poetry, make a pocket heart valentine, or just check out the list of Valentine’s Day themed books.